Advice - we offer professional advice in the fields of alternative energy through our international

Continuity - we are an established team of bankers, networkers, lawyers et al. with long-standing,
trusting relationships

Creativity - we think outside the box and always try to find new solutions to optimise capital
structures and minimise costs

- our partners operate globally, therefore we can quickly react to reach the best
possible results

What we do

Developing your worldwide network with professional experts in the fields of financial advisory for
companies, banking (investment and corporate), electronics industry, global environment,
customer orientation, mergers, acquisitions, restructuring, finance, project & risk management,
key account training etc.

  • Improving your existing portfolios to achieve positive results (incl. analysing, restructuring,reorganising)
  • Developing and setting up your Wind and Solar Parks
  • Developing and organising your new alternative energy projects
  • Acquisition of existing projects for investors
  • M&A for Photovoltaik (PV) & wind parks private funds

Development & Organisation for Wind and Solar Parks

  • researching areas with perfect conditions for developed wind and solar parks
  • analysing grid capacities
  • finding financing banks and funds
  • negotiating and executions of PPAs
  • permission-related services
  • capital structure and corporate governance

Restructuring processes of existing portfolios

  • analysing complex situations
  • analysing portfolios and technical research
  • analysing financial structures
  • designing, preparing, organising and conducting multi-stage sell-side processes
  • assisting you in your in-house business development and strategic target search
  • providing professional advice and transaction services

Mergers & Acquisitions for private funds and banks

  • coaching through competitive buy-side processes
  • giving advise in complex public takeover situations
  • providing guidance through the complex establishment of joint venture, negotiations and implementation processes
  • assisting in complex merger processes
  • evaluating portfolios that are not known on the market yet – first pitch options

Valuation Services

We support our clients and give them advice in matters of alternative energy, our main focus on the
wind and solar business. Our objective is to find optimal solutions for your success: reliable
mechanics and science are essential to us. Of equal importance is the application of sound
commercial judgement, transaction experience and common sense.

Analysing existing portfolios

  • inspection of existing plants
  • analysing service reports and its contracts
  • analysing of all performance reports
  • analysing existing electricity consumers
  • analysing the existing real estate market situation
  • evaluation of all kinds of optimisation and concepts for more successful economics

Why us

Your interest always comes first, it is the most important consideration of all our project
assignments – your benefit is our vision. Our team has many years of experience in realising and
developing projects for biogas companies, photovoltaic systems, wind parks etc. and thus provides
you with professional advice regarding alternative energy, finances, restructuring and more. Also,
we connect you with potential future partners and support you to be able to take matters into your
own hands – your success is our objective.