Your succes is our benchmark. Our services are:

  • Development & Organisation of Wind and Solar Parks
  • Restructuring processes of existing portfolios
  • Mergers & Acquisitons for private funds and banks
  • Valuations services
  • Analysing of existing portfolios

Development & Organisation

  • research of areas for perfect developed wind and solar parks
  • analysation of grid capacaties
  • research of financing banks and funds
  • negotiations and executions of PPAs
  • all services of permitting
  • capital structure, corporate governance

Restructuring processes of existing portfolios

  • Analyzing of complex situations
  • technical research and analyzation of portfolios
  • analyzing of financial structures
  • we design, prepare, organize and conduct multi-stage sell-side processes
  • we assist you in your in-house business development efforts and strategic target search
  • our objective is to supply sophisticated advice and transaction services which optimizes your range of options available to you

Mergers and acquisitons

  • coaching through competitive buy-side processes
  • advise in complex public takeover situations
  • guidance through complex joint venture preparation, negotiations and implementation processes
  • assistance in complex merger processes
  • evaluation of portfolios not known on market - first pitch options

Valuation Service

We are retained by our clients across all sectors inside alternative energy, especially in wind and solar business. Our advise is to find optimal solutions for your success, as very often companies can be more attractive than shareholders might believe it. We do not consider valuation simply as a mechanical and scientific process. Reliable mechnaics and good science are imperatives. Of equal and pivotal importance is the application of sound commerical judgement, transaction experience and common sense.

Analysing of existing portfolios

  • check of existing plants
  • analysing of service reports and its contracts
  • analysing of all performance reports
  • analysing of existing electricity consumers
  • analysing of existing real estate situation
  • evaluation of all kind of optimization and concepts for more successful economics