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About us

Who we are

"We aim to be a long term advisor for optimizing your business and for creating a consequent impulse for your shareholder value."

We are a private-independent international development and advisor company offering comprehensive and impartial advice in all strategic decisions of your company in Europe and North America. Our team comprises bankers, lawyers, engineers, private investors, entrepreneurs, tax advisors and well connected networkers.

Our Business

We are specialized in offering highest quality and potential networks, client-focused and discret advice on a broad range of development and corporate activities:
  • Analyzation of existing portfolios in areas Wind and Solar
  • Restructuring and Reorganisation of existing portfolios for reaching positive results
  • Development and set up for new Wind or Solar parks
  • Development and organisation of new projects in alternative energy matters, for example Desaltation of Sea Water
  • Acquistion of existing projects for investors
  • M&A for private funds of PV or Windparks
We do not market third party financing products as we are focused on providing most objective advice.


We are hands-on and do work with an excellent network and team, where an impressive track record exists and we never rest until the job is positive done. We offer to our clients:
  • Advice - we combine collective expertise of experienced high potentials in different regions
  • Continuity - we are an established team of high potentials (bankers, networkers, lawyers,.....) with long-standing, trusted relationships
  • Creativity - we always try to find new solutions for optimizing capital structures and minimizing costs. Your success is our vision.
  • Flexibility - our partners are very well organized and structured, therefore we can react everywhere, due to our net work, in shortest possible timelines, to reach best possible results
Your interest is always first, it is the scope of all our assignments - your benefit is our vision.